Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pentagon Moves On Plans To Integrate Women In Combat

U.S. soldiers from the NATO-led coalition force relax beside a basketball court as night falls at the Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan, June 29, 2007. REUTERS/ Finbarr O'Reilly

Pentagon Unveils Plans For Moving Women Into Combat Roles -- Reuters

(Reuters) - A top U.S. military official declared "the days of Rambo are over" as the Pentagon unveiled its plans on Tuesday for integrating women into combat infantry positions following 12 years of war in which they fought and died in Iraq and Afghanistan while barred from front-line fighting jobs.

The plans, which call for gender-neutral job requirements like scaling walls and lifting 55-pound (25-kg) tank ammunition, will require more years of study, education and training before some services open combat jobs to women.

"I think the key is setting it up for success and making sure that they have time to do it right," said Juliet Beyler, director of Officer and Enlisted Personnel Management at the Pentagon.

The move to open combat jobs to women follows a dozen years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, countries in which there were often no clearly defined front lines. More than 150 women have been killed in the wars, and nearly 1,000 wounded.

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