Thursday, June 20, 2013

Russia Reacts 'Coolly' To President Obama's Nuclear Reduction Proposals

US President Barack Obama announced to a crowd in Berlin that he is set to propose slashing the US nuclear arsenal by up to 1,000 warheads, below the level already targeted under a treaty signed by the United States and Russia in April 2010. (Air Force)

Russia Signals Nuclear Arms Cuts Will Not Come Easy -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Russia voiced concern on Wednesday about U.S. missile defenses and high-precision conventional weapons, signaling that nuclear arms cuts proposed by President Barack Obama are likely to face formidable obstacles.

In a speech in Berlin, Obama said he wanted to reduce the strategic nuclear weapons the United States deploys by a third and would seek to negotiate cuts with Russia. The former Cold War foes possess the vast majority of the world's nuclear weapons.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated Moscow's concerns about the anti-missile shields the United States and NATO are deploying, and said the development of high-precision non-nuclear weapons could upset the strategic balance.

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My Comment:
The Russians are not the only ones who are skeptical of President Obama's proposal.

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