Saturday, June 29, 2013

Special Operations Forces Are Voicing Doubts On Having Women In Their Ranks

Under a new policy, women in the Marine Corps are eligible for combat-related positions, such as scout sniper. The Pentagon formally announced Jan. 24 that the 1994 Combat Exclusion Policy had been rescinded. (Photo by: Lance Cpl. Vincent White. U.S. Marine Corps)

Fear Of G.I. Jane: Special Operations Forces Are Worried About Adding Women -- Washington Times

Publicly and privately, U.S. commandos are casting doubt on the sexual revolution looming over Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Delta Force and Green Berets.

The Pentagon staged a press briefing last week to announce a two-year study to refine combat physical standards and find the best way to install women in the male bastion of infantry, armor and special operations. A decision on which combat roles will be open to women is expected in 2015.

It is the special “ops” group — with its secretive isolation in small teams where physical stamina matters most — that has commandos the most nervous.

“The only option now is to offer reasons why they can’t do it,” said an Army special operations veteran who believes U.S. Special Operations Command will cave to White House demands to include women. “I haven’t heard that anyone has the courage to say they can’t do it, either. Maybe the new [military occupational specialty] can be 18P — Special Forces camp follower. Is that PC enough?”

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My Comment: Bottom line .... expect the standards to be lowered.

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