Saturday, June 15, 2013

World News Briefs -- June 15, 2013

Moderate Rohani Looks On Road To Winning Iran Presidential Vote -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Moderate cleric Hassan Rohani took a solid lead over conservative rivals on Saturday in preliminary vote counting in Iran's presidential election in what could be the makings of a surprise victory over favored hardliners.

The outcome is unlikely to transform relations between Iran and the outside world, the Islamic Republic's disputed policy on developing nuclear power or its support of Syria's president in the civil war there - all sensitive security matters that are the domain of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

But the president does wield important influence in decision-making in the sprawling Shi'ite Muslim nation and major OPEC state of 75 million and could bring a change from the confrontational style of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was constitutionally barred from seeking a third consecutive term.

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Latest results put Rouhani ahead in Iran poll. Moderate in Iranian election leads in initial returns.

Assad prepares offensive as Obama promises rebels arms.

Syrian rebels prepare for showdown in Aleppo.

Sources: U.S. to send small arms, ammo to Syrian rebels.

Syria: calls in Russia to boost arms supplies to Bashar al-Assad.

Russia's Lavrov questions credibility of U.S. evidence Syria used chemical weapons.

Turkey welcomes Obama admin’s decision to send arms to Syrian rebels.

Jordan wargames: Patriot batteries, F-16s and 4,500 US troops near Syrian border.

Saudi King Abdullah cuts holiday short due to ‘events in the region’.

Two killed in mortar attack on Iranian dissident camp in Iraq.

Turkey protesters refuse to leave Gezi Park.


At least 23 killed in Pakistan bus bombing, hospital siege. Pakistan militants blast bus, attack hospital; at least 12 dead. Gunmen take over hospital in southwestern Pakistan.

Militants destroy house used by Pakistan's founder.

Attacks on foreigners in Afghanistan to increase this summer: official.

Foreign fighters moving in to Afghan province near Kabul.

Britain's Philip Hammond: Afghanistan is like our Vietnam.

Three Chinese ships in disputed waters: Japan.

China pledges help for S.Korean POWs.

Hundreds in Hong Kong protest NSA surveillance.


Six Libyan soldiers killed in Benghazi violence. Benghazi: Special forces soldiers 'killed by gunmen'.

Thousands of Egypt Islamists rally for Syria jihad.

New drug threat to West Africa, warns president of Guinea.

Congo M23 rebels: Govt has broken off talks.

Shelling of UN base in Sudan kills peacekeeper.

Child soldiers detained Mali.

Southern African leaders discuss Zimbabwe election crisis.

Big wealth gap and corruption scar Mozambique.

Nelson Mandela 'recovering well' in hospital, grandson says.


G8 protest in Belfast – live coverage.

Euro-Zone 'core' facing budget cuts.

US defends spy programme to sceptical EU.

Greek prime minister backtracks on decision to close public broadcaster.

Norway becomes first NATO country to draft women into military.

UN to Bosnia: Do more for wartime rape victims.

How legalising prostitution has turned Germany into Europe's biggest brothel, swamped by Eastern European prostitutes.

Alexander Litvinenko's widow criticises Vladimir Putin's Downing St visit.

Russia promises manned launches from its own soil in 2018.


Self-identified enforcer for Mexican cartels confesses to more than 30 murders across the U.S., police say.

Brazilian cities rocked by violent clashes.

Threats made to figures at center of IRS controversy: sources.

Rain helps firefighters tame Colorado blaze.

What do we know about Canada's eavesdropping agency?

Venezuela considers banning baby bottle feeding.

Ecuador MPs approve media curbs.

Gurkha veterans recall unforgiving enemy, weather of Falklands War.


Guantánamo’s first secret national security session a mystery.

Accused Fort Hood gunman cannot use defending Taliban defense.

Amid Gitmo strike, ex-detainee tells of force-feed.


Facebook, Microsoft reveal surveillance request figures.

Oil hits 9-month high as Syria tensions escalate.

'Tax havens' agree to clampdown on tax avoidance and evasion.

Google tests balloons to beam internet from near space.

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