Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Afghanistan War News Updates -- July 2, 2013

An Afghan fighter (Photo: Reuters)

How Afghan Forces Are Tackling The Taliban's Murderous PR Campaign -- Rob Crilly, The Telegraph

This aim of this morning’s attack close to a foreign contractor’s compound in Kabul was clear. Its target appeared to be Supreme, a logistics company that advertises itself as skilled in the “reverse operations required during a military draw-down”. More importantly, it is the latest in a surge of attacks designed to illustrate how local security forces are unable to protect even the capital.

In doing so, the Taliban are trying to undermine the Western strategy of training up Afghan troops to replace Nato combat soldiers as they head for the exit.

In some ways it is working. Last week they disguised their 4x4s to look like Nato vehicles and penetrated one of the most secure areas of Kabul, launching an attack close to the presidential palace. They managed to close the airport in another attack and are generating inch upon inch of coverage for their high-profile assaults.

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More News On Afghanistan

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