Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Afghanistan War News Updates -- July 3, 2013

The head of the Afghan army tells BBC Hardtalk fighting in Afghanistan could be stopped "in weeks". BBC

Pakistan Could End Afghan War In Weeks: Afghan Army Chief -- FOX News/AFP

Pakistan could end the Afghan war "in weeks" if it were serious about peace, and is complicit in US drone strikes despite its denunciations of the anti-militant campaign, Afghanistan's army chief says.

In a BBC interview broadcast Wednesday, General Sher Mohammad Karimi laid bare the mistrust between Kabul and Islamabad as US-led troops wind down more than a decade of war against Taliban and other insurgents.

By closing down madrassa schools that serve as incubators of Islamist extremism, Pakistan had "unleashed" the Taliban on Afghanistan today, the chief of staff of the Afghan National Army said.

"Yes, it will be done in weeks," Karimi said when asked if Pakistan could end the Taliban's fight against the Kabul government if it wanted.

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