Friday, July 12, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 12, 2013

Military Build-Up: This is China's latest Jin class SLBM - which will be capable of carrying up to 12 missiles capable of striking the United States with a nuclear strike from within Chinese territorial waters

Frightening Pentagon Report Warns That China, North Korea And Iran Will Soon Be Armed With Nuclear Missiles Capable Of Striking The United States -- Daily Mail

A sobering assessment of the nuclear threat the United States faces over the next decade has been published - which has been jumped upon by supporters of the beleaguered missile defense shield.

The Pentagon report states that China, Iran and North Korea are aggressively developing nuclear missiles capable of striking the United States and proliferation among these nations of technology is rife.

According to the Department of Defense, China, marked as the chief rival of the U.S. over the next century, will imminently be able to deploy submarine-launched ballistic missiles capable of hitting the United States from Chinese territorial waters.

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Air Force Intelligence Report Provides Snapshot of Nuclear Missiles -- FAS Strategic Security Blog

Israel to Revamp Army for New Risks -- Wall Street Journal

Israel set to streamline military forces: Yaalon -- FOX News/AFP

Russian air force receives Su-34 bombers -- UPI

It’s Military Drill Season in the East China Sea -- The Diplomat

Is North Korea testing new rocket engines? -- CNN

China Gives Military Aid To Serbia -- Defense News

Greece's Defense Budget Takes A Major Hit -- Strategy Page

U.S. Navy ships in Red Sea move close to Egypt as precaution -- Reuters

US Defenses 'Feeble' Against Chinese Cyber Threat, Experts Testify -- Main Justice

US Marine Force in Darwin, Australia Boosts To 1,000 Next Year; Boost To MEU Force Proceeds -- Breaking Defense

Naval Officials: Pivot to Asia Does Not Require Expensive New Hardware -- National Defense

Cuts Threaten Pacific Pivot, Service Chiefs Say --

USS Kearsarge, USS San Antonio 'parked off of Egypt' -- Stars and Stripes

Why Pilots Prefer The F-35 -- Strategy Page

U.S. Navy Taps Raytheon to Develop New Airborne Jammer -- Avionics Today

Air Force drone self-destructs over Gulf of Mexico, crashes into water --

Medical Training Goes Holographic -- Defense News

More bases accepting solar power as an energy alternative -- Air Force Times

Freeze possible on all promotions, recruiting, PCS moves -- Stars and Stripes

Amos: Nation, Military Face Challenging Times -- US Department of Defense

Pentagon Furloughs May Be the New Normal -- US News and World Report

Obama’s ATF nominee is sent to Senate floor for final vote -- Washington Post

Can We Trust China To Make American Special Purpose Uniforms? -- Brandon Webb, Business Insider/SOFREP

No end in sight for NSA leak fallout -- CNN

Documents Reveal How the NSA Cracked the Kryptos Sculpture Years Before the CIA -- Threat Level

Army relieves Fort Jackson general over adultery charge -- AP

Is Sexual Assault Really an 'Epidemic'? The U.S. military actually looks pretty good compared to, say, college. -- Rosa Brooks, Foreign Policy

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