Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pentagon: Playboy And Penthouse Are Not Indecent And Are Allowed For Sale At Military Bases

Playboy, Penthouse Reportedly Not Indecent Under Federal Law, Allowed For Sale At Military Posts -- FOX News

Adult magazines like Playboy and Penthouse are reportedly permitted to be sold on military installations because they do not meet the federal definition of indecent material, according to a top Pentagon official.

Frederick Vollrath, assistant secretary of defense for readiness and force management, responded to a complaint from Morality in Media in a July 22 letter by saying that a review board had scrutinized those magazines and determined that “based on the totality of each magazine’s content, they were not sexually explicit under [the federal law],” Military Times reports.

Morality in Media, an anti-pornography group, complained in June about the sale of adult magazine on Department of Defense property.

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