Saturday, July 27, 2013

Return to Black Hawk Down 20 Years Later

MSG Gary Gordon
SFC Randy Shughart
SSG Daniel Busch
SFC Earl Fillmore
MSG Timothy "Griz" Martin
CPL Jamie Smith
SPC James Cavaco
SGT Casey Joyce
PFC Richard "Alphabet" Kowalewski
SGT Dominick Pilla
SGT Lorenzo Ruiz
SSG William Cleveland
SSG Thomas Field
CW4 Raymond Frank
CW3 Clifton "Elvis" Wolcott
CW2 Donovan "Bull" Briley
SGT Cornell Houston
PFC James Martin Jr.

My Comment: A deeply moving video.

Hat Tip: Theo Spark

Update: YouTube has taken it down due to copyright issues. Too bad .... it is an excellent video. If you have the chance to catch it .... I strongly recommend watching it.

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