Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 20, 2013

Munitions on display at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana show the full capabilities of the B-52H. (Sgt. Robert J. Horstman, U.S. Air Force /February 2, 2006)

Upgrades Aim To Extend B-52 bombers' Already Long Lives -- L.A. Times

Despite the plane's more than half-century of service, the Air Force thinks modifications and overhauls have made the B-52 ageless.

For Air Force Capt. Daniel "Swoop" Welch, flying a B-52 bomber has become the family business.

His father, retired Lt. Col. Don Welch, was trained to drop nuclear bombs with the aircraft during the height of the Cold War. His grandfather, retired Col. Don Sprague, flew B-52 combat missions in Vietnam.

"It is definitely a testament to the robust design of the B-52," said Welch, 28. "Getting to fly the same aircraft as my father and grandfather has been pretty cool."

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US carrier passes through Suez Canal, despite tensions -- Daily News Egypt

The U.S. Defense Contractors That Benefit From Aid To Egypt -- Global Post/NPR

UN Wants 'Full Access' For Syrian Chemical Weapons Probe -- Radio Free Europe

Afghan military is looking to count a few good men -- USA Today

Russian Military to Buy 16 MiG-29SMT Fighter Jets – Report -- RIA Novosti

MiG-35 Deal Delayed Amid Defense Industry Problems – Minister -- RIA Novosti

India Defense Ministry Signs Contract for T-90 Missiles -- RIA Novosti

F-35 project not a sure thing for Canada -- Star Phoenix

Pyongyang Silent as U.S., South Korea Begin Military Drills -- Wall Street Journal

US Navy and Pacific partner nations wrap up service trip -- Stars and Stripes/The Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Israel forms spy network to fight Sinai attacks -- The Telegraph

IBM purchases Israeli cybersecurity company -- Christian Science Monitor

U.S., China to expand military exchanges amid rows over cyber security, territory -- Reuters

Privately operated logistics hub fuels debate over excesses in Afghanistan -- Stars and Stripes

Carrier Doomsday Cuts Yield Congressional Queries -- DoD Buzz

US Giants Skimp on Research, Development -- Defense News

Career-building programs aimed at intel officers -- Army Times

In Afghanistan, redeployed U.S. soldiers still coping with demons of post-traumatic stress -- Washington Post

'Game changer:' Tourniquet for abdominal wounds is already saving lives -- Stars and Stripes

Navy changes how alcohol is sold on base -- AP

Terrorist trial casts light on FBI lab that studies IEDs -- Stars and Stripes/L.A. Times

Explosion rocks naval base in New Jersey -- Reuters

Military judge says to expect Manning sentence on Wednesday -- FOX News/AP

US government requests Bradley Manning be sentenced to 60 years -- The Guardian

NSA Leaker Charged Under 96-Year-Old Law -- Voice of America

The NSA, the Washington Post, and the Administration -- Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare Blog

What’s Happening with the Pentagon Budget? -- David J. Berteau and Ryan Crotty, CSIS

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 2,126 -- AP

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