Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Russia Continues To Support The Syrian Regime

Syria Crisis: Gauging Russia's Reactions To Strike Scenario -- Steven Rosenberg, BBC News

There are two subjects Russians talk about a lot: history and geography. In recent days, there's been much public discussion of both.

Russian officials and the media have been constantly recalling "Yugoslavia - 1999", "Iraq - 2003" and "Libya - 2011" as examples of Western military intervention which resulted in regime change.

The suspicion in Moscow is that the West is plotting to add "Syria - 2013" to the list.

One of the headlines this week in the Russian government daily Rossiskaya Gazeta was: "Will Obama risk repeating the Libyan-Iraqi scenario in Syria?"

Moscow appears now to be expecting a US strike on Syria. According to the head of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian Parliament, Alexei Pushkov: "It's only a question of time."

But the Russians have not stopped arguing their case that military intervention would be wrong.

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