Wednesday, August 28, 2013

World News Briefs -- August 28, 2013 (Evening Edition)

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World Powers Discuss Syria at UN -- Voice of America

The world’s major powers met at the United Nations Wednesday to discuss a British-drafted Security Council resolution that would open the door to military intervention in Syria, in response to last week’s chemical gas attack that killed hundreds of people.

Ambassadors from the five permanent Security Council members - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States - met behind closed doors to discuss the proposed resolution. It would authorize “all necessary measures” to protect Syrian civilians in the wake of last week’s poison gas attack - diplomatic speak for military intervention.

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UN envoy: Evidence suggests some chemical 'substance' used in Syria.

Military intervention in Syria would need U.N. approval: Brahimi.

UK and US finalise plans for military strikes against Syrian regime.

Thin veneer of normalcy in Syria's wartime capital.

Iran says U.S. attack on Syria would ‘engulf’ entire Mideast.

Syria strike could dash hopes for Iran talks.

Israeli support for U.S. military action against Syria grows.

Jordan: No attack on Syria from our soil.

Iran installs 1,000 advanced new uranium enrichment centrifuges.

Series of attacks kill 71 across Baghdad: police, medics.

Iran approves bill to sue US over 1953 coup.


China to launch unmanned lunar lander by year-end.

China warns against Syria intervention.

China's top paper says United States wants regime change in Syria.

China leaders fear Bo comeback if sentence is not harsh - sources.

China-Japan bilateral meeting unlikely at G20 summit. China says timing not right for meeting with Japan at G-20 amid tensions over island dispute.

Pakistani militants promise surge in attacks on Indian forces in Kashmir.

Attack under way on Polish base in east Afghanistan.

Karzai brings away little from Pakistan visit.

India's rupee sinks to a record low.

UN's Navi Pillay visits Sri Lanka former war zone.


DR Congo: UN peacekeeper killed in M23 battle near Goma.

Libya's oil chaos deepens as armed group shuts pipeline.

Boko Haram Islamists kill dozens in northeast Nigeria.

France's Hollande urges U.N. action on Central African Republic.

Darfur peacekeepers missing in Sudan floods.

Egypt backs away from plan to dissolve Muslim Brotherhood.

Somalia: Mogadishu still not a safe place.


Syria crisis: UK puts forward UN proposal.

France ready to 'punish' those behind Syria gas attack.

Russia warns of 'catastrophic consequences' if Syria hit.

Russia evacuates citizens from Syria.

'The world CAN'T stand idly by': Cameron makes his case for air strikes after talks with Barack Obama as both agree there is 'no doubt' al-Assad was behind 'appalling' chemical attack'.

Swiss give nod to possible tax deal with the U.S..

Climate change could turn Greenland green by 2100.


Obama hails King but says 'dream' requires vigilance.

Fort Hood shooter sentenced to death for 2009 killings.

Potential military strike in Syria sparks concern in Congress.

Biden: No doubt Syria regime used nerve agent.

Cristina Kirchner faces showdown with Argentina's biggest media group.

Venezuela claims foiling Maduro murder plot.

Quebec Muslims speak out against French Islamists.

California fire pushes deeper into Yosemite National Park.


Boston Magazine publishes more arrest photos of accused Boston bomber Tsarnaev.

NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations.

Are US drone strikes in Pakistan winding down?

REPORT: The Saudis offered mafia-style 'protection' against terrorist attacks at Sochi Olympics.


Syria conflict and the oil market: Worst and best scenarios.

U.S. seeking $6 billion from JPMorgan to settle mortgage claims: source.

New York Times, Twitter hacked by Syrian group.

Gold hits 3-month highs as Syria tensions stoke safe-haven buying.

Oil hits six-month high, shares fall on Syria fears.

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