Sunday, September 22, 2013

Captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth: England's Large Aircraft Carrier Size Will Act As A Deterrent

Royal Navy Says Huge Size Of Its New Aircraft Carrier Will Be A Deterrent -- The Guardian

Captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth hails controversial warship as vital for UK defence and projecting influence around the world

The captain of Britain's new aircraft carrier has defended the controversial multibillion-pound project by insisting the Royal Navy needs a large warship to defend the nation's interests and "nip aggressors in the bud".

Captain Simon Petitt said there was still a lot of symbolism in modern warfare and that having a ship the size of HMS Queen Elizabeth, which will be the navy's biggest ever, was significant.

Petitt said the sight of a heavily equipped 65,000-tonne carrier, which is almost 300 metres long, heading towards a potential enemy had a deterrent effect that is essential if the UK wants to project influence across the world.

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My Comment: I do not know if it will act as a deterrent .... against a more formidable foe I see it as a a big target.

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Orion said...

Not even a formidable foe.

Any foe with a diesel submarine. The Royal Navy is no longer anything but a shell. If they attempted to project power with this giant floating target, I'm pretty sure they would be trying to raise the shattered hulk about twenty minutes later.