Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 3, 2013

A Syrian rebel fighter loads a locally made mortar shell near Aleppo. Reuters

U.S. Still Hasn't Armed Syrian Rebels -- Wall Street Journal

In June, the White House authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to help arm moderate fighters battling the Assad regime, a signal to Syrian rebels that the cavalry was coming. Three months later, they are still waiting.

The delay, in part, reflects a broader U.S. approach rarely discussed publicly but that underpins its decision-making, according to former and current U.S. officials: The Obama administration doesn't want to tip the balance in favor of the opposition for fear the outcome may be even worse for U.S. interests than the current stalemate.

U.S. officials attribute the delay in providing small arms and munitions from the CIA weapons program to the difficulty of establishing secure delivery "pipelines" to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands, in particular Jihadi militants also battling the Assad regime.

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US Aid to Syrian Opposition Tops $1 Billion Mark -- Breitbart

U.S. GENERAL: Obama plans 'more substantial intervention' than vowed -- The Telegraph

Spy Planes Massing off Syria -- War Is Boring

Syria’s Air Defenses Vulnerable to Air Attack: Rand -- Defense Tech

Nimitz Sails to Red Sea As Hearings Start on Syria -- Military.com

Russia sends military reconnaissance ship to Syrian coast -- The Guardian

U.S. fuels tension by deploying warships near Syria: Russia -- Reuters

Russia Has No Plans to Expand Mediterranean Fleet – Source -- RIA Novosti

‘Unreliable’ British officers left out of US meetings on Syria -- The Telegraph

Potential action against Syria reignites U.S. budget concerns -- Reuters

'Syrian Electronic Army' hacks Marines website -- New York Post/AP

The Military Importance of the Element of Surprise in Syria -- Mark Thompson, Time

Unannounced Israel-U.S. missile test fuels jitters over Syria -- Reuters

Israel says it held missile test with US -- Defense News/AFP

Japan's Military Seeks Big Boost in Defense Budget -- AP

Why Japan’s Biggest Defense-Spend Hike in Over Two Decades Isn’t Going to Buy Much -- Kirk Spitzer, Time

Afghan forces suffering too many casualties, says top Nato commander -- The Guardian

U.K. Builds Fleet Of Modernized Chinooks -- Aviation Week

Over 80 Russian Warships on Sea Duty Across World – Commander -- RIA Novosti

Russia Begins ‘Open Skies’ Flights Over US -- RIA Novosti

Soldier Tells British Side of Story at Iraq Killings Inquiry -- New York Times/Reuters

Top-secret U.S. intelligence files show new levels of distrust of Pakistan -- Washington Post

Congress questions DND plans to buy fighter jets -- Rappler

Department of the Navy Prepares to Face New Challenges -- Defence Talk

Putting Retired ICBMs To Work -- Strategy Page

President Determined to Cap 2014 Military Pay -- Military.com

Expert: Possible DoD Firings ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ -- Military.com

Former seal: Transition to private contracting made sense -- UT San Diego

Special courts for veterans expanding across US -- AP

Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter tours America -- Stars and Stripes

Inside The US Intelligence Community Edward Snowden Has Exposed -- Business insider

Fix These National Security Cracks: Intel Recruiting, Foreign Training, Pacific Pivot -- Breaking Defense

Drones Over Damascus: What Their Absence From the Syria Debate Means About Their Usefulness -- Audrey Kurth Cronin, Foreign Affairs

Sequestration’s self-inflicted wounds -- Leon Panetta, Washington Post

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