Friday, October 4, 2013

No U.S. Drone War In Iraq


U.S. Rules Out A New Drone War In Iraq -- John Hudson, The Cable/Foreign Policy

For weeks, Iraqi officials have been publicly floating the idea of using American drones to hit the increasingly lethal al-Qaeda-affiliated militants on their soil. But the ordinarily drone-friendly Obama administration is apparently in no mood to open up a new front in global campaign of unmanned attacks. An administration official tells The Cable that American drone strikes in Iraq are now off the table.

Though neither Iraqi nor U.S. officials will say who called off the drones, it's no secret who began discussing them in the first place. In an August 17 trip to Washington, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told reporters that Baghdad is seeking U.S. advisers, air surveillance or drone strikes to combat al-Qaeda's grip on the country. "We cannot fight these increasing terrorist" threats alone, he said. Speaking of drone strikes specifically, he said as long as they were used to "target al-Qaeda and their bases," without "collateral damage," Iraqis would welcome them.

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My Comment: Not surprised by this U.S. reluctance to get involved in Iraq's sectarian troubles .... after-all ... the U.S. learned what could happen when they "bought that t-shirt" when they invaded Iraq in 2003?

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