Thursday, December 5, 2013

World News Briefs -- December 5, 2013

Seleka soldiers drive along a road in Bangui December 5, 2013.

Deadly Violence Erupts in CAR Capital -- Voice of America

Heavy fighting is reported in the capital of the Central African Republic, as the U.N. prepares to authorize deployment of more troops to the troubled country.

The initial accounts from Bangui said at least several people were killed Thursday in clashes in three parts of the city, including the Boy Rabe neighborhood.

Interim CAR president Michel Djotodia's spokesman accused supporters of former president Francois Bozize of launching attacks.

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At least 30 killed when militants attack Yemen's Defense Ministry.

Assad should face war crimes trial, not peace conference, says Qatar.

Iraq police storm mall, kill gunmen after standoff.

Iran official: Sanctions ‘utterly failed’ to stop nuclear program.

Iran's ability to enrich uranium troubles U.S. lawmakers.

Rep. Hunter: US should use tactical nukes on Iran if strikes become necessary.

Israelis back Netanyahu's belligerence on Iran.

Kerry: Israeli security 'top of our agenda' in Iran nuclear talks. U.S. to step up Iran sanction enforcement, Kerry tells Netanyahu.

Saudis expel 100,000 illegal Ethiopians.


No territorial budging on East China Sea by Biden or Beijing. China gives no ground to Biden in air zone dispute.

China, Japan, South Korea ink atomic crisis-response plan.

Amid political violence, Thai king urges stability.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un makes strides in reshuffling power structure.

Japan approves $182 billion economic package, doubts remain.

Taiwan seeking release of two spies detained in China.

Special Report: Thailand secretly supplies Myanmar refugees to trafficking rings.

Indonesia and Australia to set up hotline to contain phone-tapping fallout.


C. Africa PM pleads for 'immediate' French intervention.

Attack in Somalia's Puntland 'kills eight': police.

Sorting out Mali isn't our job, France says.

Anarchy at door, West starts to rebuild Libyan army.

Egypt police brutality 'unchecked'.

Official: Algeria kills high-level al-Qaida leader.

Nigeria's Boko Haram cannot be beaten by guns alone – analysis.


Ukraine’s protesters prepare for long haul.

Ukraine gets $8bn lifeline from China.

Russian force trains to counter militants from Syria: Chechen leader.

French unemployment rises to 16-year high as Hollande seeks fix.

Poland now taking heat for CIA torture.

Pope sets up child abuse committee.

Hurricane Xaver batters Scotland as Germany braces for storm.


US economy grows faster than thought.

US Budget deal takes shape as deadlines loom.

'Major ice storm' threatens to thrash U.S. South and Midwest, sending temps plunging.

Stolen cobalt-60 found abandoned in Mexico.

Colombian rebel group ELN seizes town in southwest Venezuela.

Argentine police secure pay rise after strike in Cordoba.

Local vote to test Venezuelan president's strength.

Venezuelan Embassy in Kenya allegedly involved in drug-trafficking.

Venezuela cyber crackdown ensnares Web's Bitly.

Toronto Mayor Ford may have tried to buy crack video: police documents.


US sends 2 prisoners back to Algeria, held without charge at Guantanamo more than a decade.

U.S. seeks to better understand Syria Islamists.

Bagram inmate's tearful return to Pakistan fails to end legal limbo.


US CEOs slightly more optimistic about economy.

Bleak outlook for WTO deal as rifts widen over food subsidies.

Hack attack: 2 million Facebook, Twitter passwords stolen.

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