Saturday, January 11, 2014

Families Of SEAL Team 6 Afghan Disaster Are Suing Iran

Families Of SEAL Team 6 Disaster Suing Iran For $600 Million -- Dan Lamonthe, Foreign Policy

When insurgents shot down a CH-47D Chinook helicopter carrying Navy SEALs over Afghanistan in 2011, it spawned myriad questions about who in the U.S. military and political establishment should be held accountable. But the families of several of the 38 men killed in that mission intend to take it a step farther, suing another entity more removed from the incident: Iran. Problem is, the families don't at the moment have much in the way of direct evidence to implicate Iran in the shootdown.

The families plan to name Tehran, two of its leaders -- former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei -- and Iran's Revolutionary Guards among the defendants in a lawsuit seeking $600 million in damages. The suit, to be filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, also will name several other individuals and organizations more commonly associated with the U.S. war in Afghanistan, including the Afghan government itself, President Hamid Karzai, the Taliban and al Qaeda. Additionally, lawyer Larry Klayman, who is representing the families, tells Foreign Policy the suit will target three Afghan military organizations: The Afghan National Security Forces, the Afghan Operational Coordination Group, and Amalyati Qeta/Qeta-e-Khas-e-Amalyati, an Afghan special operations unit.

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My Comment: I doubt that they will be successful in this suit .... but it will definitely put back into the spotlight the circumstances that resulted in the deaths of 30 Americans and seven Afghan commandos.

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