Sunday, January 5, 2014

South Sudan Civil War -- News Updates January 5, 2014

Juba Rings With Gunfire As South Sudan Peace Talks Open In Ethiopia -- The Telegraph

South Sudan's capital was echoing with heavy gunfire on Saturday evening, as peace talks in Ethiopia officially opened

Peace talks aimed to bring about an end to the conflict in South Sudan officially opened in Ethiopia on Saturday, yet were immediately marred by the sound of heavy gunfire in the capital.

Juba's southern districts were ringing with gunfire, an AFP correspondent said – ending days of relative calm in the city despite the raging three-week long conflict in the rest of the troubled country.

Explosions from reported artillery fire as well as the constant rattle of automatic weapons were heard in Juba's key government district – where most ministries, the presidential palace and the parliament are located.

But it was not clear whether the gunfire marked the beginning of an assault on the capital.

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