Saturday, February 8, 2014

Japanese Broadcast Official: The U.S. Made Up Japanese War Crimes To Cover Up Their Own Atrocities

Writer and NHK board member Naoki Hyakuta, seen here last year at the launch of one of his books, believes the Japanese did not commit war crimes in World War II and that the U.S. fabricated them

Japanese Broadcast Official: We Didn’t Commit War Crimes, the U.S. Just Made That Up -- CNN

Japan's top TV figures are making increasingly outrageous statements about World War II

In the clearest signal yet of U.S. unhappiness with the rightward tilt of Japan’s political leadership — and by extension, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — the U.S. embassy in Tokyo has strongly condemned charges by a top official at Japan’s national public broadcaster that Americans fabricated war crimes against Japanese leaders during World War II in order to cover up American atrocities.

“These suggestions are preposterous. We hope that people in positions of responsibility in Japan and elsewhere would seek to avoid comments that inflame tensions in the region,” an embassy spokesman told TIME early on Friday.

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My Comment: This is one reason (among many) on why Japan has no friends in Asia.

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James said...

Well now, they're getting down to the nitty gritty. There's not much blunter way of slapping the US in the face than this.