Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ukraine Has A New Government And Prime Minister

Ukraine's Interim Leaders Propose Yatsenyuk As New PM -- Voice of America

Ukrainian interim leaders have named popular opposition figure Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the country's new prime minister.

They announced Yatsenyuk's nomination before a large crowd Wednesday in Kyiv's Independence Square. Parliament is expected to consider his name Thursday.

Yatsenyuk is a pro-Western former foreign minister and economy minister. One of his first major jobs would be preventing the Ukrainian economy from collapse.

The White House says it strongly supports Ukrainian leaders as they work to form a multiparty government to represent all Ukrainians. It calls a broad-based government committed to reconciliation the necessary foundation for international aid.

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My Comment: The last 15 seconds of the above BBC interview with Arseniy Yatsenyuk is disturbing and a must see. In short ....

.... "We are on the brink of a disaster and this is the government of political suiciders. So welcome to hell".

It is clear that Ukraine's new PM is not optimistic on the near future.

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