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Crisis In Ukraine -- News Updates March 5, 2014

Britain To Pay £1 BILLION In Aid To Ukraine As Russian Flag Torn Down In Flashpoint Eastern City And Putin's Navy Blockades Port -- Daily Mail

* Pro-Russian protesters removed from Ukrainian government building following reports they had rigged bombs
* Russian flag removed from the roof of the building in the eastern city of Donetsk and Ukrainian flag reinstated
* Vladimir Putin's navy blocks access to Sevastapol port in fresh show of strength outside its Black Sea base
* Now new Ukraine PM says Crimea may be granted new local powers in exchange for remaining part of the country
* Developments come as EU announces £11billion aid package for Ukraine - including £1billion from Britain
* Meanwhile EU warns Moscow that billions belonging to Putin and his oligarch allies could be seized tomorrow
* Russia responded by threatening EU and U.S. with economic, trade and visa restrictions if sanctions are issued
* Russian Foreign Minister says people in Crimea do not recognise the new 'unconstitutional' Ukrainian government

Ukraine's new government is to be offered a multi-billion aid package by the European Union, with an estimated £1 billion coming from Britain.

The cash, made up of grants and loans totalling €11 billion (£9 billion), was approved by European ministers today at a meeting which also set out sanctions which could be brought against Russia if it steps up its military involvement in Ukraine - including seizing President Vladimir Putin's own assets and those of his oligarch allies.

In Ukraine itself tensions a new flashpoint emerged in Donetsk, in the east of the country, where riot police stormed the city hall and removed pro-Russian protesters, then raised the Ukrainian flag, while in the Black Sea at Sevastapol, the Russian navy blockaded the port in a show of strength.

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Crisis In Ukraine: Live Updates

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