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Malaysia Airlines Fight 370 -- News Updates March 19, 2014

'You Are Traitors To Us ... You Have Let Us Down. Tell Us The Truth': Screaming Family Members Of Missing MH370 Passengers Are Dragged Out Of Press Conference Demanding Answers As Malaysian Officials Say Maldives Plane Sighting 'Not True' -- Daily Mail

* Officials confirm Malaysia has received radar data from other countries
* But minister is 'not at liberty to release information from other countries'
* Investigators discount reports plane may have been sighted over Maldives
* Relatives of passengers on missing plane invade press conference
* Family members held up banners blaming the government of inaction
* Two women removed and taken to separate room, according to reports
* Veteran pilot predicts flight was in trouble and headed to nearest safe airport
* Remote island in Indian Ocean programmed into pilot's home flight simulator
( Investigators believe plane most likely flew into the southern Indian Ocean

Screaming family members of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines jet were forcibly removed from a hotel room after invading a press conference which was about to start and accusing the Malaysian government of failing to work hard enough to find the plane.

Half a dozen people held up banners blaming the government of inaction as airline officials desperately tried to resume order.

But one women screamed: 'You are traitors to us... you have let us down. Tell us the truth! We want the truth!'

During the press conference, Malaysia's Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said officials had received further radar data, but were 'not at liberty to release information from other countries'

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Malaysia Airlines Fight 370 -- News Updates March 19, 2014

MH370: relatives demand updates on search for missing plane - live -- The Guardian
MH370: 'files deleted from pilot's simulator': Live -- The Telegraph
MH370: plane search sweeps far to north and south of equator -- The Guardian
Malaysian Jet Search Zone Shrunk as Simulator Data Probed -- Bloomberg
Data deleted on Malaysia’s jet pilot’s flight simulator, investigators find -- Washington Times
Malaysian Airlines pilot deleted data from his home flight simulator one month before taking control of missing MH370 as it's revealed he had flying software on US-controlled island Diego Garcia -- Daily Mail
Missing Malaysia plane: Files were deleted from pilot's flight simulator -- Chicago Tribune
Missing flight simulator data probed in Malaysia Flight 370 disappearance -- CNN
Radar on Mainland Too Robust to Miss a Jet, Experts Say -- New York Times
Malaysia, FBI probing data from pilot's simulator -- AP
Malaysia Turns to F.B.I. for Help in Plane Inquiry -- New York Times
U.S. Officials: No link seen between missing jet and 2001 Malaysian hijack plot -- CNN
MISSING MH370: 'Plane flew low to avoid radar' -- New Strait Times
MH370: Maldives Islanders claim to have spotted 'low-flying jet’ -- The Telegraph
Missing Flight MH370: Aviation experts focus on hijack theory -- The Telegraph
Missing Malaysia flight: What we know about the 239 on board -- CBS/AP
Family anger erupts as Malaysia jet search appears deadlocked -- Reuters
Malaysia plane relatives dragged away from news conference -- BBC
Tensions Erupt as Chinese Passengers' Relatives Demand Answers -- Voice of America
Families of Missing Passengers Reaching a Boiling Point -- ABC News
Web sleuths claim to have spotted missing Flight MH370: Student posts 'satellite' image showing a jet over the jungle as thousands join online search for plane -- Daily Mail
MH370: the unanswered questions about Malaysia Airlines' missing plane -- The Guardian
Is this the simple MH370 theory to end them all? Claim that fire knocked out crew as they headed for emergency landing gathers steam -- Daily Mail
Could a flight simulator really hold the key to finding MH370? -- Adam Taylor, Washington Post
Could Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have slipped by radar? -- Catherine E. Shoichet and Michael Pearson, CNN
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: how the search has unfolded, day by day -- The Guardian
How can a plane vanish in a small world? -- Edward Hadas, Reuters

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