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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- News Updates March 10, 2014

'One Of Two Men Who Boarded Doomed Air Malaysia Flight On A Stolen Passport Looked Like Mario Balotelli': Authorities Reveal Key Clue As They Hunt Mr Ali, Mystery Iranian Businessman Who Booked Their Tickets -- Daily Mail

* Search teams still unable to find trace of missing Malaysia Airlines plane
* Searches taking place in South China Sea where last contact was made
* U.S. led search meanwhile is also taking place near Andaman Sea
* Interpol investigating whether up to four passengers had stolen passports
* Men who used stolen passports not of Asian appearance, investigators say
* Five passengers also checked on to flight but did not board plane
* China has urged Malaysia to step up search as it also sends rescue teams
* Thai travel agent says Iranian businessman booked tickets for the two stolen passport passengers

Authorities have revealed one of the two men who used stolen passports to board the missing Malaysian Airlines plane looked like Mario Balotelli.

As it emerged an Iranian businessman known only as Mr Ali was understood to have booked the tickets for the two passengers using the stolen passports, the men who boarded the plane were said to have not been of 'Asian appearance'.

Malaysia's police chief was quoted by local media as saying that one of the men had been identified.

Civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman declined to confirm this, but said authorities were looking at the possibility the men were connected to a stolen passport syndicate.

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