Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- News Updates March 12, 2014

Confusion Clouds Search For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- CNN

(CNN) -- More than four days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared over Southeast Asia, Malaysian officials not only don't know what happened to the plane, they don't seem sure where to look.

On Wednesday, officials announced they had once again expanded the search area. It now covers 27,000 square miles, more than double the size of the area being searched just a day before.

Such a dramatic expansion at this stage of the investigation is troubling, said CNN aviation expert Richard Quest.

"At this stage in the investigation and search and rescue, I would have expected to see by now a much more defined understanding of what the route was, where the plane was headed and a narrowing of the search consequent upon that," he said on CNN's "New Day."

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