Monday, April 7, 2014

A Russian - Ukraine Gas War?

Fears Of Gas War As Ukraine Refuses To Pay Increased Prices Set By Russian Firm -- The Guardian

Dispute comes as tensions in eastern Ukraine remain high, with pro-Russian protesters storming government buildings

The prospect of a new gas war between Russia and Ukraine drew closer at the weekend as the government in Kiev said it would refuse to pay for gas at a new, inflated price set by Gazprom last week. The dispute comes as tensions in eastern Ukraine remain high, with pro-Russian protesters in two cities storming government buildings on Sunday.

In Kiev, interim prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told the cabinet over the weekend that the new price for gas was unfair and Ukraine would not pay it.

"Russia has not managed to grab Ukraine through military aggression, so now they are pursuing a plan to pressure and grab Ukraine through gas and economic aggression," said Yatsenyuk. He said that Ukraine would continue buying gas at the "acceptable market price" of $268 (£162) per 1,000 cubic metres.

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My Comment: Unlike Ukraine, Europe is receiving a different treatment from Russia's Gazprom .... Gazprom says it will honour gas deals with Germany -Handelsblatt -- Reuters

Comment #2: This is going to hurt .... Russia seeks over $11 billion in 'debt' from Ukraine: Gazprom (Business Recorder). In essence .... the money and financial aid that Ukraine is suppose to receive from the West and the IMF .... Russia is now demanding it's share.

Comment #3: She is right .... Ukraine’s Economy Would Have Collapsed Without Russian Aid – IMF Chief -- RIA Novosti

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