Monday, April 7, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: News Updates April 7, 2014

'Miracles Do Happen' Claims Malaysian Minister As 'Black Box' Is Found Beneath Indian Ocean: Ship's Sonar Repeatedly Picks Up Signals Consistent With Voice And Data Recorder From Missing Flight -- Daily Mail

* Australian official called the news 'a most promising lead'
* Malaysian Defence Minister: 'We continue to hope and pray for survivors'
* Could take days to verify signals picked up by Australia's Ocean Shield
* British Navy's HMS Echo arrived in region 1,000 miles west of Australia
* Three 'fleeting' sounds picked up 5.6 miles deep in southern Indian Ocean
* Two pings detected within a small patch of 84,000-square-mile search zone
* Batteries powering plane's black box are expected to run out imminently
* Nine military planes, three civilian planes and 14 ships are in search

A senior Malaysian official claimed 'miracles do happen' as it was revealed today that underwater sounds detected by a ship searching the southern Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet are consistent with the pings from aircraft black boxes.

Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammudin Hussein told reporters that satellite information 'did not indicate or show survivors' but later added: 'We continue to hope and pray for survivors. We are just hoping against hope.'

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: News Updates April 7, 2014

Australia says new 'pings' best lead yet in Malaysia jet search -- Reuters
Ping discovery prompts new phase in plane search -- Washington Post/AP
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: More ships rush to probe signals after another heard -- CBS/AP
MH370: Australia's Ocean Shield picks up two black box-type signals -- The Guardian
Missing flight MH370: “most promising lead” yet as search crews detect two signal pings -- Euronews
Search for missing plane gets 'most promising lead' yet -- USA Today
Search intensifies for Flight 370's black boxes -- USA Today
'Consistent' signals boost plane search -- Al Jazeera
Malaysia Flight 370: New signal sounds 'just like' one from a plane's beacon -- CNN
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: 'Black Box Signals' Raise Hopes Of Finding Missing Malaysian Plane -- IBTimes
More pings raise more questions about missing plane -- CNN
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 update: Malaysian Defense Minister “cautiously hopeful” about possible pings -- Salon
'Black box signals' raise hope of finding MH370 in days – Malaysian minister -- The Guardian
Malaysian authorities hope for survivors after new lead on missing jet's black box -- FOX News
'Miracles Do Happen': Malaysia Won't Rule Out MH370 Survivors -- NBC
Most countries in plane-search effort reluctant to discuss million dollar cost -- FOX News/AP

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