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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 -- News Updates April 13, 2014

Missing MH370 Plane 'Was Thrown Around Like A Fighter Jet And Flown Under The Radar To Avoid Detection' Malaysian Military Investigators Believe -- Daily Mail

* Search continues - but it is possible plane's black box batteries have failed
* Authorities believe flight MH370 climbed to 45,000ft then dropped to 5,000ft
* The drastic manoeuvres are thought to be a bid to dodge radar signals
* It has been more than a month since the jet disappeared with 239 on board
* International search efforts continue - and now include Royal Navy vessel

The missing Malaysia Airlines plane was 'thrown around like a fighter jet' just after it lost contact with the authorities in a bid to dodge radar, Malaysian military investigators believe.

Flight MH370, which disappeared more than a month ago en route to Beijing, is thought to have climbed to heights of 45,000ft - 10,000ft above its normal altitude - before plummeting to just below 5,000ft.

The new lead in the investigation comes as the methodical search being carried out in the Indian Ocean continues amid fears that the jet's black box may have run out of battery.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 -- News Updates April 13, 2014

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Investigators reveal MH370 co-pilot tried to make a call from his mobile phone after the aircraft 'vanished' but 'was abruptly cut off' as U.S. deny reports the plane landed at their remote military base -- Daily Mail
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