Friday, April 11, 2014

Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 -- News Updates April 11, 2014

The black box is likely to be around 15,000 feet down and a staggering array of ships and planes are hunting it

The Race To Find MH370: Eight Countries Using 17 Vessels And 19 Aircraft In The Hunt For Missing Plane's Black Box Lying 15,000ft At The Bottom Of The Indian Ocean -- Daily Mail

* Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that MH370's black box has been found deep in the Indian Ocean
* Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he is 'very confident' the signals are from MH370, missing since March 8
* Latest signal picked up in area where other pings have been heard, several hundred miles west of Perth
* It was detected by an Australian P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft during an acoustic search
* Possible black box signals heard for several minutes earlier this week in remote area of ocean

The search for the missing Malaysian Airline's black box involves a staggering array of sophisticated ships, aircraft and equipment, with eight countries contributing 17 vessels and 19 aircraft – including one of Britain’s nuclear submarines, HMS Tireless.

And on Friday it looked like the scale of the operation had paid off, with reports that the fight recorder had been located deep in the Indian Ocean.

Perth radio station 6PR tweeted the discovery, citing aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas, who revealed the flight recorder had finally been found more than a month after the 777 went missing.

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Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 -- News Updates April 11, 2014

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