Thursday, April 30, 2015

Can America Win The Next War?

Jeff Stein and Jonathan Broder, Newsweek: Can America Win a War?

The two divisions, totaling nearly 22,000 men, were massed on the east bank of the river. With their superior numbers, arms and veteran officers, not to mention a long tradition of battlefield triumphs, they were confident of routing the ragtag band of rebels hiding in the woods and marshes on the other bank.

The signal was given, and the first artillery volley fired. The soldiers moved out, crossed the river—and marched into military history. Within three days, the two divisions were annihilated, and their commander’s head was severed and sent back across the lines as a message: Don’t come back.

This was not a battle from the worst days of the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. It was the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, nine years after the birth of Christ, in what is now northwestern Germany. It has been called “the battle that changed the course of history,” because it marked forever the limits of the Roman Empire. Latin would never take root east of the Rhine.

WNU Editor: This is a long read .... but the authors are asking questions that need to be asked. Read it all.

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James said...

Yes, some of the questions are asked, but as a whole I wasn't impressed with this article. Where on earth did these guys study Roman history? "Varus give me back my legions!"