Thursday, April 30, 2015

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 30, 2015

RT: Russia's cutting-edge military hardware parades through Moscow for V-Day rehearsal

Thousands of Muscovites were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Russia’s latest military hardware rolling across the cobbles of Moscow’s iconic Red Square during the first night-time rehearsal ahead of Victory Day parade.

Infantry from Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan practiced their performances in front of the public for the first time this year, ahead of Victory Day on May 9. Troops from other countries such as India, Mongolia, Serbia, and China were also present at the rehearsal.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 30, 2015

Night rehearsal of Victory Day military parade in Moscow -- ITAR-TASS

New Armata tanks roll through Red Square in May 9 parade rehearsal -- ITAR-TASS

Russia's Northern Fleet holds large-scale drills -- ITAR-TASS

Russian cyberwar advances military interests in Ukraine, report says -- Fortune

Navies from China, Russia to hold first Mediterranean Sea joint drills -- FOX News/AP

China rebuffs U.S. criticism of military parade to mark end of war -- Reuters

China says worried by new U.S. cyber strategy -- Reuters

China’s advanced J-11D heavy fighter jet takes maiden flight -- RT

Eyeing exports, China steps up research into military drones -- Reuters

Vietnam Buys Deadly New Missiles Capable of Hitting China -- The Diplomat

Some French soldiers in CAR abuse probe identified - source -- Reuters

Hollande: no mercy over claims French soldiers abused children in CAR -- The Guardian

Security Budgets on the Rise in Europe -- Defense News

Turkey Says It 'Urgently' Needs Armed Drones -- Defense News

Israeli military worries over troops' use of social media -- Channel News Asia/Reuters

France Sells 24 Rafale Fighters to Qatar -- Defense News

Assad regime struggles to find new military recruits -- Al Arabiya

French Air Chief Sees Long Mission in Iraq -- Defense News

Taliban Gains Pull U.S. Units Back Into Fight in Afghanistan -- NYT

German BND spy agency 'helped US target France' -- BBC

Pentagon Unclear Why Iran Seized Maersk Tigris; U.S. Destroyer, 3 Patrol Craft Nearby -- USNI

Pentagon says US 'able to respond' if needed after Iran seizes cargo ship -- FOX News

Pakistani police drop case against former CIA lawyer, station chief over 2009 drone strike -- FOX News/AP

Investigator who helped expose CIA's post-9/11 torture program faces political backlash -- Daily Mail

CIA manager who had been ousted over abusive conduct now holds important counter terror post -- AP

Much of NSA bulk surveillance as you’ve known it may soon end -- Washington Post

Pentagon insists on extension of Russian rocket engine use till 2022 -- RT

While looking to future war, Army Pacific leaders share worries about the present -- News Tribune

GAO Favors Army Aviation Plan Over Guard's -- Defense News

CIA Chief Says Overhaul Puts Spies and Analysts ‘Cheek by Jowl' -- GovExec

Jade Helm 15, a military exercise, brings wild speculation in Texas about ‘martial law’ -- Washington Post

NORAD to Conduct Test Flights Over Washington, D.C., Area -- Washington Free Beacon

A Ground War Against ISIL -- Todd Johnson, Defense News

Last US Marines to leave Saigon describe chaos of war's end -- AP

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