Monday, June 29, 2015

Chinese Hackers Got Into The FBI's Personnel Files

Business Insider: Those Chinese hackers got into FBI files too

Hackers who infiltrated the Office of Personnel Management and stole the security-clearance information of more than 18 million federal employees reportedly breached FBI agents’ personnel files in the process, Jeff Stein of Newsweek reports.

Some FBI employees were notified in May that their files had been accessed by hackers during the massive yearlong breach of OPM's database, an FBI source reportedly told Newsweek.

More than 36,000 people work for the FBI, and while it remains unclear how many were affected, access to any FBI personnel files could have “mind-boggling” effects, the source said, “because there are counterintelligence implications, national security implications.

Update #1: Exclusive: Chinese Cyberthieves Hack FBI in Dangerous Breach -- Newsweek
Update #2: Hackers got FBI files as part of OPM breach -- The Hill

WNU Editor: Some are questioning the Newsweek report that the FBI was hacked .... No, Virginia, the FBI was not hacked by China. Newsweek got it wrong (CSO). Unfortunately .... no one really knows for sure on how big of a cyber attack.hack this was .... OPM's Archuleta insists only 4.2 million records hacked, FBI says more like 18 million (TG Daily).

Update: Here is a blast from the past .... A Third Of FBI Cyber-Crime Agents Are Incompetent.

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