Friday, July 31, 2015

Taliban Fighters 'Worried And Confused' After Death Of Leader

The Independent: Mohammad Akhtar Mansoor: Taliban fighters 'worried and confused' after death of leader

The Afghan Taliban has sought to quell divisions within the group following confirmation of the death of its former leader.

A statement released by the group on Friday described Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as one of the most “trusted” associates of the late leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar.

According to the group, Mansoor had been an “active director” of jihad for at least three years and had been serving as Omar’s deputy before he died.

WNU Editor: The war will go on .... the Taliban military commanders have made that very clear .... but the announcement of Mullah Omar's death is a major hit to the rank and file in the Taliban, and the real battle will now be on the political level, and who will represent the Taliban on this level. On a side note .... the big winners will be the Islamic State .... A Leaderless Taliban Benefits Islamic State (Eli Lake & Josh Rogin, Bloomberg).

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