Friday, July 31, 2015

U.S. Marines Detained In Vienna For Flying With 'Unlicensed Arms'

Stars and Stripes: Marines held up in Vienna en route to Ukraine

Nine U.S. Marines en route to Ukraine for a training exercise were held up in Vienna for questioning last week because their weapons had not been properly declared, an Austrian newspaper reported.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. David Westover, a EUCOM spokesperson, said the Marines were traveling by commercial air from Alaska to Ukraine to participate in the Saber Guardian exercise.

“They were stopped while traveling on NATO travel orders through Vienna,” Westover said in a statement. The Austrian newspaper Kurier reported on its website Wednesday that the Marines were carrying weapons without the necessary clearance.

WNU Editor: Not surprising .... the Russian press is having a field day on this story .... US marines flying with unlicensed arms to Ukraine detained in Vienna, sent home (RT). Also not surprising .... it is going to take weeks to sort this all out (or when the story blows over) .... Probe Into US Soldiers' Attempt to Bring Weapons to Ukraine Will Take Weeks (Sputnik).

Yup .... the dog days of summer are upon us.

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Unknown said...

Did only 9 marines fly? Maybe 9 marines out of however may did not pack right?