Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Indications That Russia Is Now Directly Involved In The Syrian Civil War (Updated)

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right), Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (left) and Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem (back to camera) attend a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, June 29. Russia’s involvement in Syria is growing very fast, the author writes, and Putin appears to be doubling down on his support for the Assad regime. ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/RIA NOVOSTI/KREMLIN/REUTERS

Washington Post: Russia’s involvement in Syria might be ramping up

Recent open source reports and unverified images of Russian equipment in Syria indicate that the Kremlin may slowly be ramping up its presence in the war-torn country in support of the beleaguered regime of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad.

On Tuesday a Twitter account associated with the Syrian al-Qaeda spin-off group Jabhat Al-Nusra tweeted four images of what appears to be multiple Russian attack aircraft, including possible a SU-34 fighter jet and a Russian drone. Though the images are unverifiable, the account stated that the aircraft were seen over Idlib province—an area that has seen heavy fighting and steady advances by Syrian opposition fighters.

WNU Editor: A few weeks ago I discounted this analysis on why U.S. Patriot missiles were removed from Turkey a few weeks ago .... Why Did the United States Remove Patriots from Turkey? (Nick Ottens, Atlantic Sentinel) .... hmmmm .... I now have to wonder if there is some truth to it. More here .... 'Russian-Iran-Assad Nexus' Appeased by Removing Missiles (Newsmax).

More News On Russian Involvement In Syria's Civil War

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