Friday, April 29, 2016

Sex Slaves For North Korea's Ruling Elite

YouTube The secret sex parties of North Korea’s elite

WELCOME to the secret high-class sex parties for North Korea’s elite, where schoolgirls as young as 13 are allegedly forced into servitude for their leaders’ pleasure.

The girls are picked out at random by soldiers – sometimes from their own school classrooms. Their family and medical histories are closely examined, and routine check-ups are performed to ensure their virginity is intact.
Over the following decade, these girls are expected to service the small military circle of North Korea’s elite. They are known as the leader’s Pleasure Squad – or Gippeumjo.

These are the claims of various defectors who managed to escape North Korea over the past decade. Each one describes the mysterious group in similar terms - a bizarre secret world where girls are plucked out of society and trained as high-class adult entertainers.

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Update: Defectors Say North Korean Leaders Force Girls Into Sexual Servitude (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: The former Soviet Union also had the same rumours .... and they were/are true. Is it the same case for North Korea .... as I have said more than once .... nothing about North Korea surprises me any-more.


Young Communist said...

Oh, great! Communist fight for equality among genders and freedom on sentimental relations against patriarchy and those shitty military elite trow mud in our face.

The mentality of dominant male is hard to beat, very hard in military regimes... or consumerist society, with thousand of sexual slaves on street or night club.

James said...

You're not completely in the past tense when taking about the Soviet Union.

Aizino Smith said...

Mao was a big player, too.

My spouse lived near to those big parties, 1 block east of Tiamen. Talking to them is like talking to a veteran of Hellish battles. They don't want to talk about it.

Maybe if I use a bright light ... Then again they had bayonet practice and they were not even in the active military so ....

Aizino Smith said...


You're not completely in the past tense when taking about some elites in the U.S.

Or England

Elm Guest House child abuse scandal

TWN said...

Didn't that Epstein have sex slaves for Bill the Rapist and Prince A the Rapist.