Wednesday, May 25, 2016

U.S. State Department Inspector General: Hillary Clinton Violated State Department Rules

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton’s email problems just got much worse

One of the two big dominoes in the Hillary Clinton email controversy toppled today: The State Department's inspector general released its report on the email practices of Clinton and a number of other past secretaries of state. (The other major domino is, of course, the FBI investigation into Clinton's decision to exclusively use a private email server while serving as the nation's top diplomat.)

The report, which you can read in its entirety here, badly complicates Clinton's past explanations about the server and whether she complied fully with the laws in place governing electronic communication. And it virtually ensures that Clinton's email practices will be front and center in Donald Trump's fusillade of attacks against her credibility and honesty between now and Nov. 8.

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WNU Editor: The above AP video report on Hillary Clinton is brutal ... and this is not a surprise considering how the U.S. State Department Inspector General has just contradicted everything that Hillary Clinton has been saying about the email/server scandal .... and that she has been lying about it. The Inspector General also says that Hillary Clinton and her top aides refuse to cooperate with its investigation .... contrary to her previous claims that she would cooperate with the investigation. The full Inspector's General report is here .... State Department report on Clinton's email practices.

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TWN said...

Looks like the media is starting to turn on the Beast, lot of neg articles in the last few days, I guess even a biased media can't stomach the creature. I'm amazed by this, enjoying it a great deal.

B.Poster said...

They may be turning on Hiliary but this seems like an isolated situation. They certainly aren't ever going to go for Trump. Bernie Sanders has gotten kid glove, fawning treatment by the media throughout. Perhaps they are going to get behind Bernie full force.

James said...

They are CYAing it. Every article pulls it's punches just enough for future falling back in line behind her. It is a sign though that they are worried.