Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Look At How China's Navy Is Trying To Catch Up To The U.S. Navy

Alex Lockie, Business Insider: How China's navy rapidly modernized to rival the US's

A recent report from the US Congressional Research Service details how China's navy, the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), has undergone a stunning modernization push that puts it near parity with the US.

In fact, China's military posture and prowess in the Western Pacific presents the US with a challenge unseen since the end of the Cold War.

By perfecting deadly ballistic and cruise missiles, by buying and designing submarines, planes, and surface ships, by cracking down on corruption and improving internal organization and logistics, the PLAN presents US naval planners with plenty to think about going forward.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. Navy is the world's current dominant naval power by far .... but it is what China will have in 10 to 20 years from now that is raising alarm bells. Should the U.S. be concerned .... yes .... but the ones who should be really concerned are China's neighbours.

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