Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Votes To Leave The EU. 52% Leave. 48% Remain

WNU Editor: This is huge. The polls were wrong. The markets were wrong. The news media was wrong. The pundits were wrong. Even UKIP's Farage believed that they were going to lose. And while the margin appears to be a difference of 4% .... it is a mandate for Britain to leave the EU. This is going to send shock waves .... in the U.K., in Europe, the world, financial markets, politicians who are running for office, Scottish independence, the U.S. Presidential campaign .... no one is going to be untouched by this. This is also a warning to political establishments and globalists that their message can lose its appeal to the general electorate .... and that if they are not sensitive to the will of the people .... expect blow-back.

Who are the biggest losers in this vote .... that list is long. Every major European leader, foreign leaders like President Obama and Canadian PM Trudeau, and the EU establishment. But the biggest loser by far is British Prime Minister Cameron.

Update: Results of the referendum .... EU Referendum Results (BBC).


RRH said...

Then we get this from one of the biggest globalists in Canada trying to ride the sovereignty wave.

Whatever Jason.

Jason Kenney@jkenney
Congratulations to the British people on choosing hope over fear by embracing a confident, sovereign future, open to the world! #Brexit
12:43 AM - 24 Jun 2016

RRH said...

Does this mean Jason will campaign for Canada to abandon the TPP and NAFTA??? Puh!!!!

If we want sovereignty we'll have a revolution. If want want to be a protectorate with a fascist puppet building monuments to the victims of communism we'll vote for volks like Kenney.

War News Updates Editor said...

RRH .... it is funny that you brought up Jason Kenney. It was only last week that I told a friend of mine who has a lot of say in the PC Quebec wing of the Conservative Party that Jason Kenney is what is wrong with the PC Party.

RRH said...


He represents what's wrong with Canadian politics! He talks like he just jumped out of a time machine from the late 19th century complete with an Orange Order membership, and a Chinese head tax. It's shameful that creeps like this have a following. Reform, Alliance, CRAP, Conservatives are the Canadian right's version of CPC/ML. Unprincipled, unscrupulous, un-educated and un-Canadian.

B.Postert said...

I've been predicting BREXIT for quite awhile. While the senseless murder of Jo Cox was not expected, I had hoped Britons would not allow themselves to swayed by the raw emotions of this, I must admit to being skeptical that this would be the case but I never changed my prediction of BREXIT, as I assumed Britons would look at this rationally. Fortunately I've been proven correct. BREXIT is reality as I predicted!! Now if only the EU can die never to be revived!!

Young Communist said...

I'm not surprised.

Identity and proletarians sign another goal, now we see if the governments, national and of EU, annul even this.
They may try to ignore again the vote, but in that case EU make another step into autocracy.

Is a lesson for everyone, data and numbers may lie if bad collected or manipulated.
And sorry for Jo Cox and his husband, but even moderate left need to rethink his positions: IN or OUT is a question between two conservative capital side (liberalist and nationalist) at clash.

European left need to pose his question in order to change without trow away what good remain in EU.
EU may become a better and democratic place one day, but not now. Now need to be reconstructed.

B.Poster said...

I've read that Scots want to remain in the EU and might vote to leave the UK in the event of BREXIT. As I predicted BREXIT, I'm going to predict that Scots are not going to be so stupid as to hitch themselves to the failed EU. IF I'm proven wrong I will come here and admit it as I would have if BREXIT failed which I predicted corrrctly would not.

James said...

The greatest loser in this is the idea of statism, in particular the EU super state. There will be delays, detours, etc, but the tide of events is running strongly against it and efforts to thwart it will carry powerful political penalties.
As a matter of curiosity, Russia's near term reaction to all of this will bear watching.
Also as a guess the drift toward regionalism in Europe will accelerate. Most probably northwest Scandinavian countries with Britain, east European, and southern European, with France not sure where to land.

RRH said...
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RRH said...

more on Kenney,

Jay can correct me if I'm mistaken.

I expect he'll make his run for leadership ofthe Alberta PC/Right. His little spiel on the Brexit is a sign of things to come out of Alberta if he gets in.

We can expect renewed cries to "build a firewall" around Alberta and loud western sepatatist pronouncements with Kenney at the helm. This is how it goes with the Canada's proto fascists. When they are rejected federally, they cry and babble about being "ignored" or"left out" --as if what they have to say is of any value or interest to Canada-- and retreat to their default position of breaking up the federation. The Quebecois separatists are similar with their constant blackmail tactics.

Canada's constitution and treason laws are in need of revision to deal with these a$$#^^/s.

RRH said...

The truth is, a lot of the momentum for the out vote was generated by racism and xenophobia. Arguments about "bankers"this and "sovereignty" that haven't worked against neo-liberal trading blocks or institutions yet. It took a whole pile of mostly muslim "darkies" coming ashore in Europe and using Shengen to get to the gates of England, to be the last straw.

This was a victory for the populist neo-fascist right, not for the out to lunch left who are as divided and confused in Britain, and "the west" in general, as ever.

If anyone believes this will mean a rollback of the assault on workers' rights or the UK social safety net, they're dreaming. The attacks on what made the UK a decent place for working people started way before the EU showed up and will continue. The kind of people who adored Thatcher are the same who bounced the EU. While certain interests on high have suffered a set back, the 'ol firm are still in the driver's seat.

RRH said...