Friday, June 17, 2016

Bulgarian Prime Minister: 'I Do Not Need A War In The Black Sea'

MO4CH News: ‘I don’t need war’: Bulgaria rules out joining NATO flotilla in Black Sea

Bulgaria’s prime minister ruled out participation in plans to form a united NATO Black Sea naval task force to counter the Russian Navy in the region. The president of Romania said the initiative is about joint drills, not maintaining a separate fleet.

“I always say that I want the Black Sea to see sailboats, yachts, large boats with tourists and not become an arena of military action … I do not need a war in the Black Sea,” Reuters cited Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borisov as saying at a media briefing.

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WNU Editor: Here is a little secret about Bulgaria .... some of the best beaches in the world are in Bulgaria on the Black Sea.

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Young Communist said...

Good beaches are the only goods remain in Bulgaria today.

I have recently talked with Bulgarian people, and as I know before Borisov need to think also on how save this state, at lower level than it has in soviet era.