Saturday, June 18, 2016

CIA Director: Diversity Is Now A Priority For The Agency

PJ Media: CIA Director: Diversity Initiative Needs to Battle 'Group Think' at Agency

WASHINGTON -- At a hearing on ISIS and other threats to the homeland on Thursday, CIA Director John Brennan stressed the importance of a new diversity initiative at the agency "to make sure that our workforce reflects, in our attitudes, our backgrounds, our ethnicities and our perspectives, the nation we work so hard to defend."

"This is both a moral and a mission imperative," Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The CIA's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for 2016-2019, released in February, focuses on three key goals, according to the agency: "Weaving diversity and inclusion throughout the talent cycle" with a focus "on performance management, talent development, and learning to prepare employees and managers to fully benefit from a diverse and inclusive workplace"; "becoming an employer of choice... by recruiting in diverse communities across America and cultivating an inclusive culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to create an organization that is a model employer for the full diversity of America’s talent"; and "increasing diversity of leadership" by training "current leaders, managers, and supervisors to develop every officer’s potential to prepare a diverse bench of future Agency leaders."

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WNU Editor: I guess the age when the CIA was a bastion of white male dominance is coming to an end .... replaced by racial/gender/cultural quotas and requirements.


TWN said...

Yea Diversity has worked so well for the US so far.

Anonymous said...

instead of protecting the US by providing relevant intelligence, the CIA will now concentrate on personnel "diversity". Wow the paralyzing poison of Obama is seeping deeper and deeper into the body of the USA. You see the poison also in Obama's directive to fly the Homosexual "Rainbow" flag at US embassies. What a national disgrace.

Anonymous said...

i agree. Obama NEEDS to go! NOW!

Jay Farquharson said...

Well, the CIA under the dominance of the White Male Wasp, is no OSS.

The Vietnam War would Contain China- epic fail
Glomar Explorer- epic fail
Killing Castro- epic fail
Berlin Wall Fall- epic fail
Collapse of the USSR- epic fail
Rise of China- epic fail
9/11- epic fail

the list just goes on and on and on. Whole books are written on just single events.

Maybe the CIA should be outsourced to a call center in Mumbai,

At least "they" have a work ethic.

B.Poster said...

Instead of "diversity" the goal should be to get "the best" and allow them to operate without micromanagement. In tbe sense that certain keaders have pushed this and doubled down on it at the expense of performance, tbey including the current POTUS do in fact need to go.

I've known for a number of years that the CIA js a collectikn of incomoetent boobs, political hacks, and blind ideologues. As to the reference that it should be "outsourced", after the atfacks of 9/11, I had suggested that the CIA should be dismantled and we should work with allies like Israel, Britain, Gernany, France, and others to help us construct competent Intelligence Services. While this was being done, we could have relied on them to provide us with needed Intellegence. I reiterated this suggestion after Iraq.

Instead nothing has been done to reform this bureaucracy. Instead of pushing for "diversity" a better approach would be to push for "competence."

B.Poster said...

I might add that given the tendency of American officials to understate natiknal security threats any successes tge CIA might have had over tbe years aren't likely to get as. Uch attention as the failures.