Friday, June 24, 2016

Donald Trump Is In The U.K.. Blames President Obama And Hillary Clinton For Brexit

Daily Mail: Donald Trump blasts Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and blames them for Britain leaving the European Union - 'they are always wrong on everything'

* Trump traveled to his Turnberry, Ayrshire golf course on day Britain votes to leave European Union
* Republican White house candidate blames Barack Obama for Britain leaving saying president's intervention tipped the vote
* One protester breached security to throw golf balls painted with swastikas at his feet but was then wrestled away by security

Donald Trump has dramatically blamed President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for Britain leaving the European Union.

He said the president - who in April lectured Britain that it must stay in and threatened it with dire economic consequences if it left - and his would-be Democratic successor had misread the mood of the free world
'She's always misread everything, if you think. She's misread this,' Trump told of Clinton, during a press conference coinciding with the re-opening of a golf course in the west of Scotland.
Both Obama and Clinton urged Britons to vote with the 'Remain' forces, which lost by a 52-48 margin.

The result is bragging rights for Trump, who had said that while he wouldn't tell UK voters what to do, if it were up to him he would choose to make Great Britain 'independent' of Brussels.

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WNU Editor: I would not blame President Obama or Hillary Clinton for the Brexit vote ... but Donald Trump's instincts were right on this one. It also did not help the "Remain" cause for President Obama to be in Britain in April lecturing the Brits on why they should stay in the EU .... and then threatening them on what would happen in the U.S. - U.K. relationship if they did. This is what I call "bad" politics".

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Young Communist said...

Remain side used the fear as weapon, but is sounded to many Britons more like a menace, and it caused a inside reaction of pride.

A more menacing approach is not worked on Greek people, figure the Britons... even blandishments are too late.