Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Editor's Note: Monday Was A Record Day For Traffic On This Blog

According to Google my Monday's post on China warning the Philippines on the South China Sea .... China Warns The Philippines That They Are Very Capable Of Removing Their Base In The Disputed Area Of South China Sea (June 27, 2016) .... received over 28,000 views. Wow .... that is a record for this blog on a post .... and it impacted the traffic for the rest of this blog .... so thank you.

Update: Someone just asked .... this traffic came primarily from the Middle East and Asia .... and it was Facebook that made it viral. And to all new readers .... I post anywhere from 25 - 30 posts on war/defense/economic/politics each day .... and this blog has been online since 2007.


RRH said...

Congratulations Editor!!!

When I see how many people read this blog and think about where they are from, I crack up at some of the comments (especially my own).

One another note,

I read this today and immediately wondered what you thought of it as I am sure you remember this chat.

Matthew Putnam said...

Thank you for providing the breadth and committed coverage of world news day by day! I have been visiting your blog multiple times a day since early 2010 and it is the first website I go to each morning with my coffee and the last website I go to each evening with my tea. Your commentary/assessments are always nice to have and I really hope that your blog will be around for quite some time. I have come to depend on it and I notice that I never really miss anything important. Outstanding information exposure! Thanks again WNU editor!

Crusader said...

I can only echo what Matthew wrote, however I tend to read at lunchtimes and, like Matthew, in the evening when my missus is watching a testicle shrinking RomCom or a CSI-style crime show.

I've mentioned this before, but I think it's worth repeating again: Quite often I have taken Mr WNU's comments and opinions and selfishly repeated them to friends and workmates in a desperate attempt to appear intelligent, worldly and authoritative. In most cases my strategy works.

The only issue I have is when Mr WNU goes on holiday, travels for business or has a project to finish. This sadly depletes the value of my stock as I have to rely on my own wits to impress others.

Carry on, great work.

Aizino Smith said...

GRATZ and fuck the establishment.

They are too fucking comfortable in to their castles.

The need to get fucking REAL!