Saturday, June 25, 2016

EU Leaders Demand That Britain Get Out Now

(Daily Mail)

The Guardian: EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible

President Martin Schulz says speeding up of UK exit being considered after ‘continent taken hostage because of Tory party fight’

A senior EU leader has confirmed the bloc wants Britain out as soon as possible, warning that David Cameron’s decision to delay the start of Brexit negotiations until his successor is in place may not be fast enough.

Cameron announced on Friday morning that he would step down as prime minister by the autumn, after the British public caused a political earthquake by voting 52%-48% to leave the European Union.

Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, told the Guardian that EU lawyers were studying whether it was possible to speed up the triggering of article 50 of the Lisbon treaty – the untested procedure for leaving the union.

As the EU’s institutions scrambled to respond to the bodyblow of Britain’s exit, Schulz said uncertainty was “the opposite of what we need”, adding that it was difficult to accept that “a whole continent is taken hostage because of an internal fight in the Tory party”.

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Update #1: Furious EU leader demands Britain makes quick exit after claiming the Tory party feud held 'a whole continent hostage' -- Daily Mail
Update #2: German officials warn against EU "revenge" for UK Brexit vote (Reuters)

WNU Editor: This is why many Europeans hate the EU. Instead of respecting the Brexit vote .... EU leaders are behaving like spoiled children who get upset when they do not get their way. The people have spoken .... accept it .... work out a formula that will minimise the fall-out from such a break. The French mayor at Calais now wants to transport his migrant camp to England .... EU Brexit referendum: France's Calais seeks border deal changes (BBC).


jimbrown said...

Such rhetoric confirms it was the right decision.

jimbrown said...

Such rhetoric confirms it was the right decision.

Young Communist said...

Spoiled children... eh! eh! Good paragon.

And a spoiled children act as a little ignorant dictator.
They need to be re-educated, by the people.

James said...

Si-vis-pasen- said...

The following is happening in the rural areas of France ultra right nationalism is risen (Marine Le Pen and her niece) will push for a Franxit, when they see what kind of deal the UK gets.
The IU in my opinion is going to be forced to negotiate economic trade's with the UK by default which can be good for some British industrial areas that have been seeing jobs leave for the last 20 plus years.

James said...

"They need to be re-educated, by the people." They are YC and if they continue to refuse to listen then the sound of tumbrils is not far behind the vote.

TWN said...

The EU Commission is no respecter of Democracy, or the people they dictate over.