Saturday, June 25, 2016

EU Leaders Tell Britain To Expedite Its Exit From The EU (Updated)

New York Times: European Leaders Tell a Dazed Britain to Get Going on ‘Brexit’

LONDON — With British politics in turmoil, there were already clear indications on Saturday of a tense and bickering divorce from the European Union.

Britons woke up to a diminished currency and much confusion about the consequences of their vote on Thursday to quit the European Union, including who would be their next prime minister. The leaders of the campaign to exit the bloc, or “Brexit,” continued to disagree over what kind of relationship they wanted with Europe, and thousands of Britons started signing a petition asking for a second referendum.

Meeting in Berlin, European leaders told Britain to hurry up and begin the formal process of exiting the union, while Prime Minister David Cameron said that process could wait until his replacement was chosen in October and leaders of the “Leave” campaign suggested it could come even later, after a new round of talks with Brussels.

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WNU Editor: Britain is the second largest economy in the EU .... its abrupt departure without a proper procedure will devastate the British economy .... and the economy of the EU. Not surprising .... German Chancellor Angela Merkel is telling everyone to back-off .... Merkel signals sober separation from EU 'partner' Britain (Reuters). This German reaction also tells me that there are deep divisions within the EU itself on how to approach Britain .... EU Reaction to Brexit Suggests Divisions (WSJ).

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RRH said...
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RRH said...

Looks like a bunch of the hounds on the continent are calling bull$#-' on those on the island.

When my Mom's dog was alive she used to have my Sister's dog over as "company" for him. Those two were quite the pair, a Brussels Griffon (Wally) and an English Cocker Spaniel (Paddington).

Anyway, when the phone rang at Ma's those dogs would howl up a storm. The louder one howled, the louder would the other. They even looked at each other, and at Ma, while they were at it. Sometimes Ma would answer the phone and the howling would taper off and stop, or she'd let it ring and laugh at the ruckus until the ringing ended on its own.

This current noise out of Europe and England reminds me of them.

Young Communist said...

So democratic leaders are intolerant to democratic vote?

For decades propaganda sell to us the friendship among Europe states, but in the end... intolerance, yelling, boycotts, lies, threatening or menacing disasters... is this what ties friends? No.

Not a friendship, but a bunch of interests covered by rhetoric.

James said...

"Not a friendship, but a bunch of interests covered by rhetoric."
You are exactly right.