Monday, June 20, 2016

FBI Releases Orlando Gunman's 9/11 Transcripts With The Word 'Allah' Replaced By 'God'

Robert Mackay, The Intercept: FBI Redacts Orlando Gunman’s Calls, Sparking Outrage and Speculation

DOING NOTHING to advance the heated political debate over what combination of factors might have prompted Omar Mateen to open fire inside a gay nightclub in Orlando last week, the FBI on Monday refused to release the audio or a full transcript of the gunman’s phone conversations with the police during the attack.

The FBI instead published a written timeline of the attack which included a redacted transcript of one conversation between Mateen and a 911 operator, and a partial summary of what he said in three further calls with the Orlando Police Department crisis negotiators. The bureau argued that letting the public hear or even read the gunman’s justification for the attack in his own words risked encouraging further attacks.

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Update: FBI releases 911 transcripts of Omar Mateen — with references to ISIS omitted (Hot Air)

WNU Editor: Why did the FBI decide to replace the word Allah with the word God when they released the Orlando shooter's 9/11 calls? Apparently during the call, Omar Mateen made an Islamic prayer in which he said:

Praise be to Allah, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of Allah [in Arabic]. I let you know, I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings.

In comparison, the edited DOJ transcript says:

Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God [in Arabic]. I let you know, I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings.

Is this another case of political correctness running amok?

Update: No surprise .... the U.S. Justice Department is reversing its earlier decision .... Justice Department backtracks and releases unredacted transcript of Orlando shooter's calls to police (Business Insider). But "God" instead of "Allah" is still in the new release.


Jay Farquharson said...

Marcie Wheeler at Emptywheel covers it:

"I’ve been suggesting not only that Mateen was likely motivated for other reasons — but that FBI likely missed those cues because they were evaluating him for one and only one kind of threat, an Islamic terrorist rather than an angry violent man threat."


"Of course, the apparent fact that investigators have now come to agree with me means that those who started screaming ISIS right away — and, importantly, leaking and officially revealing news that Mateen claimed affiliation with ISIS (and other conflicting terrorist groups) on his 911 call — means the people who rushed out the ISIS explanation in fact did ISIS’ propaganda work for them, giving them credit for a mass killing that was really your garden variety mass killing conducted by an angry man."

Marcie's been covering the FBI's lies, omissions and mistakes in this case since day one.

Anonymous said...


Jay Farquharson said...

Emptywheel has been blogging about, investigating and reporting on the National Security State since the Patriot Act. She's forced the release through FOIA of over 37,000 documents and has over 3,800 pending. She exposed Haden, Corymn et al as liars infront of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

And you eat cheeze doodles in your mama's basement.

War News Updates Editor said...

What I find interesting about this case is that even though it is a mass shooting .... the local police are not running this investigation .... it is the federal authorities.

As to whether he was a lone gunmen or was he in contact with others who knew what he was planning to do .... I can only hope that the investigation will sort this out. Considering how this case has become highly politicised .... I have confidence that the investigators will be professional and they will find the answers on what motivated this person to commit the crimes that he did ... and if he had any support.

As to what is my take on what motivated Mateen to do what he did .... and I am probably will be proven 100% wrong .... he was clearly a disturbed and angry person who was conflicted with his homosexuality and his faith. But something in the past few months made him snap, and to find atonement from his version/interpretation of his faith .... he made the decision to commit this atrocity. As to why did he choose this club .... he had been there before .... he knew the lay-out of the place. His calling 9/11 was him doing his Ba'yat.

Anonymous said...

The word Allah is Arabic for God. If the speaker speaks in French and says Dieu (God in French), then would you complain if they translated the word into English and transcribed it as God?

Alex said...

Well said Anonymous. I thought the same.

War News Updates Editor said...

Anon. Are Muslims preaching to the same concept of God that Christians and Jews do .... I know a lot of Muslims who would disagree. (plus Christians and Jews).

Si-vis-pasen- said...

the liveral Propaganda machine like this one can only be seen on the German of the 40's waht was the name of Hitler propaganda minister?

Anonymous said...

The Islamic faith considers Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed as prophets of God. Jesus is the most common name in the Quran. Christians and Jews are referred to in Islam as 'people of the book'.

Regardless, my point was purely in a linguistic sense. Muslims commonly say the word Allah even when they are talking about God in a different latin language, but it is also correct to say God, Dieu, or any other word for God in different languages. Did you know for instance that Egyptian Christians say Allah when talking about God? There is a controversy over the same issue in Malaysia, where the government is misguidedly trying to ban Malaysian Christians from calling God 'Allah' because they see it as a special word.