Thursday, June 23, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 23, 2016

Bloomberg: Kim: North Korea Capable of Missile 'Attack' on U.S. Military in Pacific

* Pyongyang says missiles can strike ‘Americans in the Pacific’
* Launch comes on day of informal six-nation dialogue in Beijing

North Korea said it successfully launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile capable of hitting U.S. military operations in the Pacific, prompting the U.S. to call on the United Nations Security Council to take action on the isolated nation.

Wednesday’s test was watched by leader Kim Jong Un and "successfully conducted without giving any slightest effect to the security of surrounding countries," the official Korean Central News Agency said in a statement Thursday. An official for South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the country assumed North Korea’s missile engine performance had improved, although it couldn’t say definitively if the launch could be considered a success.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 23, 2016

Kim Jong Un: Pyongyang Can Strike US Pacific Bases With Ballistic Missiles -- Sputnik

N. Korea Test Shows Need for Better Defenses, Pentagon Chief Says -- VOA

South Korean Military Commanders to Meet After North Ballistic Missile Test -- Sputnik

Russia urges Canada not to join new NATO force in Eastern Europe, focus on ‘existential threat’ of ISIL -- National Post/Ottawa Citizen

Russia seen putting new nuclear-capable missiles along NATO border by 2019 -- Reuters

Russia's Deadliest Subs to get new Heat-Seeking Torpedos -- F. Gady, The Diplomat

Defense ministry denies death of Russian servicemen in Syria -- TASS

China’s Growing Arms Sales to Latin America -- ETH

China's Aerospace Defense Industry Sacks US Military Technology -- Anders Corr, Forbes

Thai Air Force begins training first female pilots -- The Independent

Taiwan Moves on $14.7B Indigenous Shipbuilding, Upgrade Projects -- Defense News

Airbus to enhance A330 tanker offering -- Flight Global

Airbus Looks To the US in Search of A400M Buyers -- Defense News

Eurofighter partners target fresh Typhoon sales -- Flight Global

Israeli Air Force Wants 75 Fifth-Generation F-35 Jets From US -- Sputnik

Pentagon still committed to buy more F-35s amid budget pressures -- Star Telegram

Marine Corps looks to fighter jet 'boneyard' after new fleet delay -- FOX News

We Already Have an Arsenal Plane - B-52 -- T.J. May & Mike Pietrucha, War on the Rocks

The US Navy just flexed its muscles in the world's most contested region -- Business Insider

The US Navy Can Now Prove Its New Anti-Ship Missile Is a Real Killer -- National Interest

US Army working with SCO on new long-range precision fires -- IHS Jane's 360

Now the Pentagon refuses to say whether U.S. troops have been hurt fighting ISIS -- Patricia Kime, Military Times

The Pentagon Plans for War on Many Fronts -- Rachelle Marshall, Foreign Policy in Focus

As Foreign Arms Sales Surge, Washington Struggles To Speed Approvals -- Loren Thompson, Forbes

U.S. Fighter Sales to Gulf Allies Stalled for Up to Three Years -- Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg

US Still Has No Definition for Cyber Act of War -- Bryant Jordan,

Lawmakers press Pentagon to stop using animals in medical training -- The Hill

US Army Chief Predicts Soldiers to Wear ‘Iron Man’ Suits in Next 10 Years -- Sputnik

1 of 2 Remaining Doolittle Raiders Dies in Montana -- AP

Air Force Vet Alleges Mentioning ‘God’ Is The Reason For His Assault -- Task & Purpose

Pentagon denies aliens crashed in Roswell -- New York Daily News

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