Friday, June 24, 2016

More EU Reaction To Britain's Brexit Vote

Dawn breaks behind the Houses of Parliament and the statue of Winston Churchill in Westminster, London, Britain June 24, 2016. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Daily Mail: FINALLY they start to listen! EU requires 'profound change' admits Hollande in the wake of stunning Brexit vote as Merkel and other European leaders express their dismay

* European Council leader Donald Tusk Warns against 'hysterical reactions'
* French President Francois Hollande says vote 'puts the EU in difficulties'
* Angela Merkel described her 'great regret' at the UK's decision to leave
* Newspapers across Europe reacted with shock at EU referendum result
* Voters in the UK clearly backed Brexit despite predictions they would stay

French President Francois Hollande has admitted the EU requires 'profound change' in the wake of the Brexit vote as German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her dismay at the result.

Hollande said the UK's vote to leave the EU must act as a 'jolt' to the bloc to implement the change needed to address its troubles - adding he was 'sad' to see Britain sever relations.

Merkel described her 'great regret' at the UK's decision to leave and said the EU must never forget that the foundation of European unity was the 'idea of peace'.

It comes as European leaders warned Britain to leave the EU quickly and avoid prolonging uncertainty.

The presidents of the EU's main institutions said in a statement Friday that they expect London to act on the decision to leave 'as soon as possible, however painful that process may be.'

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WNU Editor: Shock. Dismay. Denial. Reflection. This about sums up how many European leaders are feeling today.

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