Friday, June 17, 2016

North Korea Is Predicting War In August


Sputnik: North Korea Predicts War in August, Says US Planning a Preemptive Strike

The country’s foreign ministry released a statement accusing the United States of planning preemptive airstrikes and vowing to treat such an assault as an act of war.

On Thursday, a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry accused the Obama administration of planning airstrikes to destroy the country’s nuclear facilities in a "blatant war of aggression."

Pyongyang’s state-controlled KCNA news agency claims the spokesman has evidence that Washington is openly considering a bombing campaign to degrade North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, raising the stakes for an all-out war on the Korean peninsula.

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Update: North Korea accuses U.S. of planning precision strike (UPI)

WNU Editor: This is why the North Koreans are upset .... N.Korea Slams Stratfor Scenario for Precision Strikes (Chosun Ilbo). The Stratfor report is here .... This Is How The U.S. Would Destroy North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program (May 28, 2016).

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