Friday, June 17, 2016

Pakistan Is Threatening To Deport All Afghan Refugees Back To Afghanistan

Bloomberg: Pakistan Wants to Send 1.5 Million Refugees Back as U.S. Tensions Rise

* Pakistan seeks to send back 1.5 million Afghan refugees
* Middle East conflicts drawing attention from Afghan plight: UN

More than three decades after fleeing Afghanistan, refugee Noor Said struggles to feed his family of eight on less than the $3 per day he earns weaving fabric in northwest Pakistan. Now he’s got an even bigger worry: Being forced back amid the worst border tensions in years.

“I can’t take my small children to a place where their lives are tougher and in danger, even if that is our motherland,” he said this week in his three-room home in Utmanzai, a dusty refugee camp with more than 300 mud-brick houses near the border with Afghanistan. He initially fled when the Soviet Union invaded in 1980.

Said is among at least 1.5 million documented refugees who are caught in the middle of a wider spat involving Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.S. that escalated after an American drone killed Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour last month. Pakistan is threatening to deport all of the refugees by the end of June, a move that risks leading to a humanitarian disaster in what would be one of the biggest forced repatriations in decades.

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WNU Editor: And Pakistan is an ally ?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Questioning whether Pakistan is an ally based on the fact that it wants to send back millions of refugees that have been there since 1979? Meanwhile how many Syrian refugees is the US accepting? And are you aware as to how many criminals and terrorists come from the Afghan refugee population in Pakistan? Don't get upset at us because we're tired of hosting millions of refugees for 36 years!

Anonymous said...

One more thing, you can question Pakistan for any number of reasons, but this is the silliest reason. Afghanistan has never been friendly to Pakistan because the Afghans don't recognize the border and demand that Pakistan "renegotiate" the boundaries since Afghanistan argues British drawn boundaries were imposed upon Afghanistan in 1893. Further, the unfriendly Afghans request Pakistan simply "give refugees jobs" instead of deportation! Ha!

And let's not forget that the US isn't the most reliable ally. After we helped you kick out the Soviets, you completely abandoned us and forced us to deal with the aftermath of the Afghan war. Worse, you imposed sanctions on us in 1990 for the nuclear program you knew all about in the 1980s while using us. No wonder we picked sides in our Afghan backyard, and backed the only power who actual brought peace to the region.

It was foolish of Obama to openly announce an arbitrary a pull out date from Afghanistan. You just confirmed to us that you want us to do your dirty work, and that you'll leave us to deal with your aftermath again. America's commitment to the region was mad clear to be short lived under Obama. We on the other hand can't just forget about the Afghans like you can. So we will stick with our long term partners, because we know you'll be gone in a few years thanks to your country's poor leadership.

Aizino Smith said...

Pakistan is not an ally.

If the U.s. leaves china, Russia, Iran or Pakistan will have to step in.

If they do maybe Iran and Pakistan fight

or Iran and Russia fight.