Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Philippine President To The U.S.: 'Will You Support Us In Case Of A Possible Confrontation With China?'

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Monday met with Ambassadors Philip Goldberg of the United States. Inquirer

Asian Correspondent: Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte asks US ‘Are you with us?’ on South China Sea dispute

HILIPPINES President-elect Rodrigo Duterte says he has asked U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg if Washington will back the Philippines if a confrontation with China were to take place over the disputed South China Sea.

At a business forum in Davao City, Duterte told an audience of several hundred people, mostly businessmen, that he asked Goldberg: “Are you with us or are you not with us?”

According to Rappler, he said: “Because if I may decide based on the [international court’s] judgement, I will now start to claim there.”

Goldberg reportedly responded the U.S. would only support the Philippines if it was “attacked”.

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WNU Editor: The Philippine President dos not sound confident in U.S. reassurances. On a side note, he is also telegraphing to China that he will not go to war against them over their boundary dispute .... PHL won't go to war with China over Scarborough Shoal —Duterte (GMA).

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Anonymous said...

Be a man or be a slave don't call On a world of fight your battles

Bob Huntley said...

'Of course they will but the war will be fought on your soil before it gets to America. Oh and we will own you afterwards. That is if more of us still exists than you.'

Aizino Smith said...

"Be a man or be a slave don't call On a world of fight your battles"

I think you are a slave to your ignorance or to your propaganda.

The Phillipines has about 102 million people. China as about 1,376 million

We are talking about 13 to 1.

Even monkeys count and they make alliances. You are asking people to do what monkeys are too smart to do.

Are you really that stupid or that mendacious.

fazman said...

Numbers mean little gulf war 1 showed that.